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Boy Band Fangirl grab bags

Boy Band Fangirl grab bags

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Decided to do something fun! You can pick which grab bag and which topic you want. There is also a place to share your favorite members, bands, singers, colors, etc! NOTE: Do not tell us what to include in the bag.

This is supposed to be fun!

GRAB BAG #1 includes: One (1) zip up pouch / pencil / make-up bag One (1) keychain One (1) vinyl sticker Four (4) stickers Various other small stickers

(Topics: BSB, NK, Nick, Fangirl, Boy Bands, AJ, Brian, Kevin, Howie)

Note: Example of a Nick Carter bag is shown in the photos. Not all bags are the same.

GRAB BAG #2 Includes: One (1) zip up pouch / pencil / make-up bag Two (2) keychains One (1) magnet Two (2) vinyl stickers Five (5) stickers Various other small stickers & items

(Topics: BSB, Fangirl, Boy Bands, Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin, Howie)

Note: Refunds are not available, but we promise that this will be worth it!

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